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Welcome to Union Branch Baptist Church

“We Have Come This Far by Faith” – Union Branch is known as a “City of Hope” as countless strangers have entered and remained as family because of the genuine love and support they experience. Union Branch was organized in 1890 and continues to thrive because of the grace of God. Currently we are being led by our 14th pastor. During our storied history, God has called approximately 21 men and women to minister the Gospel as well as establish countless ministries to serve all members. By God’s grace this community of faith has been used as an agent of change as many lives have been transformed through this church’s ministry.

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What Members Are Saying

Spiritually I was not where I wanted to be in my walk with God. I had struggles and at times felt as though I was all alone and then like an angel there was a church that embraced me. Finally, I fel…
My one year journey as a member of UBBC has been nothing less than humbling to my spirit. Pastor and people have truly exhibited our mission statement. I am truly
I started attending Union Branch Baptist Church several years ago with my family. One day when I was in Children’s church, I decided that I wanted to be baptized. I wanted to join the Church. Baptis…
My journey here to UBBC has been a long one. I grew up in the church, but when I joined the Marines for twenty years I traveled all over the world. I never settled in one church until I served in th…
Union Branch Baptist Church is a place where I find Peace, Joy and Happiness! It is where God’s presence is felt. UBBC is where you can worship and praise the Lord without limitations. When the stor…
Union Branch Baptist Church is such a tight knit church family. Growing up in this church I’ve seen that everyone was always there for one another. When I found myself in the midst of a storm my chu…
When Pastor baptized me, I was excited because I became a part of God’s Family and the Union Branch Family.  I love them, and they love me too.  I enjoy ushering, singing on the choir and stepping w…

Bible Study – Every Wednesday
12:00PM & 7:00PM